Upon arrival each client will be assigned a Headway Mentor (HM). The HM will be responsible for taking the client through the Fellowship Model which includes – thorough working of the 12 Steps utilizing the Headway Step Working Program, written step work through our specially designed Assignments, and full processing of that work at the completion of each step. The HM will ensure that the daily structures are put place at the commencement of each week, making sure the residents always remains accountable and on track . In addition to the personal recovery, each client will be required to attend the in-house recovery meetings, weekly group recovery sessions covering the challenges we face in treatment and prospectively when we go home (Living in Recovery) encouraging honesty, open-mindedness, willingness, humility and community support, external fellowship meetings, team building exercises both at the property and externally and other assorted recovery team bonding initiatives that are designed to get clients thinking more of others and less of themselves.

At the end of each day the clients are required to fill in their journals using the P.E.M.S system. P.E.M.S is an acronym of Physical well-being, Emotional well-being, Mental well-being and Spiritual well-being and is designed to encourage the clients to review their day from a few perspectives. This nightly P.E.M.S inventory has been of incredible value to the clients, and staff. As a technique, this gets our residents to start self-appraising themselves so that they can see what needs to be improved or enhanced.

The ‘Recovery’ element of the Headway Commitments is laid out from the start to give the resident a sense of reassurance, direction and purpose from the moment they walk through the door.