The Headway Program of Recovery

"There is no greater therapeutic value than one addict helping another."

Our primary purpose is to give our clients the opportunity of changing their perspective of the world that we live in. The educational, experiential support programs that we run will provide the tools required not only for progress whilst they stay with us, but also when they leave and reintegrate back into their lives. What follows are the parts that make up the sum of our programming.

Headway Recovery Living offers a fresh approach to recovery from addiction, with a program that includes 5 key components that are wrapped up in daily/ weekly structures, ensuring that all our residents always remain accountable. Anyone coming to stay with us will be required to work our full program, including all the commitments.

We are not a rehab, and do not class ourselves as a conventional ‘Halfway House’ or ‘Sober Living’ facility – experience tells us that such establishments don’t do enough to prepare their clients for life on life terms living. As a result, recovery stagnates and old thinking soon enters the fray.

Our concept is called ‘Recovery Living’ and pro-action is our buzzword.

Our 5 commitments are:

thorough working of the 12 Steps utilizing the Headway Step Working Program


Upon arrival each client will be assigned a Headway Mentor (HM). The HM will be responsible for taking the client through the Fellowship Model which includes – thorough working of the 12 Steps utilizing the Headway Step Working Program, written step work through our specially designed Assignments, and full processing of that work at the completion of each step. The HM will ensure that the daily structures are put place at the commencement of each week, making sure the residents always remains accountable and on track . In addition to the personal recovery, each client will be required to attend the in-house recovery meetings, weekly …

A therapy session with our psychologist at Headway Recovery


Dovetailing beautifully with the intensive recovery commitment, is the need for our clients to unpack and learn to resolve past and present emotional and mental issues with a fully qualified clinical psychologist. The current Headway program successfully includes a one-hour session per week with approved Clinical Psychologist, Lynne Brady, to discuss matters of the heart and mind. 

Working hard on recovery invariably brings up many memories and attached powerful negative emotions that only a professional can help dissect and process, and we are very proud to have one of the best on our team to help with you with this.


Having the right diet, full of nutritional content, has been proven to help healing of not just the body, but the mind as well. That’s why we provide our clients with 3 freshly prepared, nutritious and delicious meals a day – breakfast, lunch and dinner – as part of their program. These are supplied Monday to Friday, with a budget being supplied for the weekend for residents to buy and prepare their own meals. In addition, our resident nutritional expert (and chef, amongst other things!) will asses your current nutritional intake, and help implement new eating habits, designed to give you every chance of healing your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being.  We want to instill good eating habits, based on a sound knowledge of a good diet, that can be used when the individual completes their stay with us.


Running alongside the healthy nutrition on offer, is our focus on fitness. Again, your level of fitness will be assessed upon arrival, and a program will be provided to meet the capabilities of each individual. We look to do some form of exercise every day including a mixture of gym, circuits, beach walks, hiking, yoga and more.

Our experience tells us that the fitter our bodies are, the more energy we have to apply to our recovery and our lives. We want every resident to see the full benefits of exercise and hopefully apply what is learned when they return to their respective home lives.


We believe one of the main reasons AA and NA are so effective is because of the importance they place on meeting and connecting with like-minded people who, just like you, thought they were completely alone. At Headway we place huge emphasis on creating the right kind of atmosphere amongst everyone involved in the community, including clients and staff. We do not want to create a ‘them and us’ attitude – we are all in this together, fighting a very powerful adversary in the form of addiction. 

Along with the group sessions highlighted above, we will also create a duty roster that all clients will need to buy into. 

It’s important to note that this program only works for those who do it – wanting it and needing it isn’t enough.

So, if you are serious about recovery and want to take your healing process to the next level, or if you are looking for somewhere to go to get your recovery journey on track after relapse, then contact us today for more information.