Getting out of your own way

We really do get in our own way far more often than we probably would care to admit.

Especially where recovery is concerned.

I know I do!

The pre-programmed, old school ‘I know best’ rhetoric often tries to take control.

And it never ends well.

Everything we need to keep progressing in our recovery is laid out before us through the 12 Steps, the fellowship, our sponsors, the literature. Everything.

All we are asked to do is open our eyes, our ears and our minds and be willing to practice what we are being taught.

To stop questioning and start doing.

If we work the recovery program  a new way of living will, and does, gradually seep through.

When I practice what I am being taught the progress is tangible and life just becomes that much easier to comprehend.

When I don’t, when ‘I know best’ wins, I stall and falter.

Fear and anxiety take the control and that new found perspective is lost.

It sounds simple, and it is, but that doesn’t make it any easier. Old defects die hard! We just need to keep calling out those negative characteristics, own and share those shortcomings and learn to live in the corresponding principle so we can respond differently.

Above all we can not allow our defects to  stand in the way of what this incredible program of recovery has taught us all so far, and what it continues to teach us within each one day at a time.

We’ve just got to get out of our own way!