Facing fears

If we could see the strength on offer on the other side of courage, the fears that continue to hold us back, lose their grip.

Demonstrating strength in the face of distorted but very real fear requires rigorous honesty, an open mind & a willingness to act.

And you do not have to do it alone.

When you do come through the other side, whenever that might be, you will be puzzled at how such a timid emotion could have held you tightly for so long.

Fears are like chains.

Much like a propaganda campaign in a dictatorship, they only show us what they want us to see.

Apart from the primal version of the emotion built in to help us survive, most of our fears are self-constructed defence systems designed to ‘protect’ us from failure, change or even success.

They act as an airtight seal on our old thoughts, feelings and behaviours preventing new information from entering in.

They keep us stuck where we are, paralysed.

And if no new information can rain in, how on earth can we learn to change and grow.

At Headway, we look each of our fears squarely in the face, together. There is a collective power that can be used to see that these things that have held us for so long are not nearly as scary when you don’t have to face them alone.

We learn to practice faith in the program that we are learning, and that is enough to confront the more superficial fears that continually whisper in our ears and fill our heads.

As that faith grows, and certain levels of freedom are found, we generate more courage to go deeper into the underlying fears that might not be so easy to spot.

The Headway Community walks hand in hand daily to confront each of our fears, and you can be part of that. Contact us today about our specially designed program of recovery and start the process of confronting your fears today.