We believe one of the main reasons AA and NA are so effective is because of the importance they place on meeting and connecting with like-minded people who, just like you, thought they were completely alone. At Headway we place huge emphasis on creating the right kind of atmosphere amongst everyone involved in the community, including clients and staff. We do not want to create a ‘them and us’ attitude – we are all in this together, fighting a very powerful adversary in the form of addiction. Along with the group sessions highlighted above, we will also create a duty roster that all clients will need to buy into. We all need to pull together to ensure that the community functions positively, and clients will be required to do their bit. We have drawn up A Community Guideline document that includes behavioural expectations plus the House Rules and Regs, which will need to be gone through with the Mentor, agreed and signed by the client during the intake process.

What is more, when a client finishes their 3 month stay, completing their program, we invite them to stay connected through group meetings and recovery support through access to their respective Mentors on an honorary basis. The Headway Community is there for all who come through our system, meaning on going, post treatment support for as long you want it.