Headway Recovery Living

Affordable, proactive, residential recovery from the disease of addiction

"We can only keep what we learn and what we have in recovery, by giving it away"

Since opening the doors of Headway Recovery Living, on 1 February 2019, we have been fortunate enough to help numerous addicts (behavioural and substance) from various backgrounds find their recovery from addiction through our program and our spiritual, principle driven ideals.

Our vision, built on a combination of extensive experience and expertise, is to provide a safe, sober program and action orientated, live-in facility that helps addicts overhaul their intrinsic defective characters to recover from a hopeless state of being to respectable, integrated members of society.

The team here at Headway are driven by the principles laid out in the fellowship doctrine, which means working our own recoveries alongside those we are helping. We have a ‘do as I do, not just as we say’ attitude and treat each resident as an equal fellow of the program.

Our primary objective is to give our clients every chance of changing their view of the world through physical, emotional, mental and spiritual techniques (PEMS) and processes during their stay at Headway – practices that they can take with them when integration into life really begins.

Set in the stunning town of Plettenberg Bay on the Garden Route of South Africa, with affordable rates designed to open the recovery care field to many more, with a program that teaches you how to live in recovery and a community of fellow addicts that just want to get better, Headway might just be the place for you to start, or rediscover, your spiritual, and sober pathway to freedom.

Have a look at the approach we take through the program we have created to give you or your loved one the chance to experience what life has to offer without the debilitating effects of addiction.

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What our clients say about us

Real testimonials from clients who have completed our program

"I am under no illusion as to how challenging my recovery could be over the course of the next few weeks and month, but with the wisdom I’ve been given, the structures I have in place and with Headway continuing to support from afar, I feel like I have a really good chance this time…one day at a time."
Dries Laeremans
"Amazing people, incredible views!! I highly recommend headways for sober living and recovery."
Rose Eedes
"I want to thank you Andy so much, you really gave me strength and hope, you gave me a vision for this program, and a life I needed to see to get it and there are no words that I can describe how thankful I am. All those beautiful moments are printed in my heart forever and I'm going to watch them every time I think about picking up. Thank you Headway for my sobriety and for giving my life back - 90 days sober, one day at a time."
Jordy Cleirbaut